Childrens' yoga

Children's yoga
Yoga is great for de-stressing the little people in our lives. I have an up to date CRB and teach children from five to sixteen. If you'd like to know more please complete the registration form below. Alternatively, you can book in for any of the following options:

  • Free taster class - if you want to find out more before committing
  • Children's yoga class - recommended for after school clubs
  • Yoga party - An alternative yoga party friends

Big dog little dog

Big Dog Little Dog

I'm excited to be teaching a series of Big Dog Little Dog workshops this year...

What is Big Dog Little Dog?

Big Dog Little Dog is a unique yoga-based class for a parents/carers and children (between the ages of 4-8). The aim of the class is to build connection and trust between parent/carer and child. ​

How is Big Dog Little Dog unique?
Big Dog Little Dog is a class that children do with their parents/carers. Usually by age 4 children are already being dropped off at classes and the long spell of the 'parent taxi service' begins. Big Dog Little Dog sets up the relationship between parent/carer and child as "partners". Children help their parent/carer accomplish poses and vice versa. Each class starts with a breath connection between parent/carer and their child. The class provides an opportunity for children and their parents/carers to slow down and just be with each other. ​ Big Dog Little Dog doesn't suffer immature content. The curriculum for Big Dog Little Dog is a serious game. Although we have lots of fun in class parents don't have to pretend to go on jungle journeys, act like an ass (unless they choose to!) or sing silly songs. The class is based on accessing a pure love connection between parent/carer and child through real physical problem solving and bonding ... you're in it together. It is a shared experience which is nurturing, supportive and real.

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