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Beginners yoga


I run regular yoga series throughout the year, I run them because they’re the best way to get started if you’ve never tried yoga before and the best way to keep going if you have. Each series is designed specifically with the participants in mind and you'll have the opportunity to work, play and grow together.

Starter's series 

I like to run this starter's regularly because it gives students a chance to do yoga in a safe environment. Everyone’s in the same boat as you progress together step by step. Not to mention that I love introducing people to yoga and sharing the practice which I’m so passionate about.

We break things down and focus on a couple of key points each week so you really get familiar with everything. Each week we build on the foundations so that you’re ready to join a drop-in class or come to the next course. Remember that yoga isn’t a competition, it’s not about who’s the best or worst it’s about feeling better and having some fun.

Impover's series
My improver's series is designed for students who've been practicing yoga regularly for about a year or completed one of my starter's series. I pulled this series together because I wanted to give students a reason to keep practicing once they'd started on this amazing journey. So we go deeper, play with more complex asana and start to know what our body needs and when.

Click on my schedule for dates and details of how to book.

You may also like to have a look at my video log to hear more about what it's all about!


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