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Why do we mourn people we've never met

InspirationI felt myself torn this week as I considered what I want to teach this week. Then I realised what I felt conflicted about was infact the same thing. I never really know whether I’m annoyed or pleased when I can track everything back to one source, either way, it happens with alarming regularity.

Here’s my conflict: where is the yoga when so many inspirational people have past away versus, wow, this is the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, four centuries. Amazing. I know, when I see it in black and white I feel pretty thick. What happens when the source of inspiration is lost?

I guess the cynics amongst us, I count myself as one of these, or at least that end of the scale, would ask why there is such an outpouring of grief towards someone you’ve never met. As usual something flashed through my Facebook page which more eloquently answered that voice than I ever could: We don't cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves.

And that is what we do, something is only lost if it is forgotten. Something is only forgotten if it is never celebrated, loved and revisioned with a new lens and a new soul.

That is why every act, every breath is a moment to remember, to repeat, to remind: that with every passing, a part of someone is imprinted on the people whose lives they touched.

Posted in 2016

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