I messed up

It's just a stepping stone

Such is the unpredictable nature of my life right now I'm prone to making a few mistakes. The degree to which became clear when I started a text with: I've done too many dumbass things already today and it's only noon.

Yet my very slow study of the brain continues. This week I'm trying to understand what happens when we make a mistake, every other minute in my case.

There appears to be three steps: first we get a feeling we've done something wrong - the "Oh crap" moment. Then we feel anxious - the feeling in the pit of your stomach which says you left the gas on, which motivates us to rectify the mistake - turn the frikkin gas off. And then our brain shifts gear and we move on to the next thing.

It's pretty common I think I get stuck in the third step, moving on. We may feel like we're over the gas thing but maybe we hang on to it for the rest of the day: "how could have I been so stupid, I could have blown the house up, we'd have had to go and stay with relatives..." and so the story continues.

Once we've done that a few times, made up an entire saga in our heads we're enmeshed. We have forgotten that our mistakes are not us, they do not define us. They are simply a sign post, a lesson, a new paragraph in our story. We are so much more and can be so much more when we learn to let it go.

Posted in 2016

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