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shivashaktisIt's taken a while but I'm now ready to start a shiny new 40 day sadhana. I know how it goes by now:

FEAR I'm way too busy to do this. I'll just do my asana practice and teach my classes, that's enough.

DESIRE A little voice whispers and whispers. It never stops, I can throw the laundry and worries about school in its path but it won't listen and it carries on whispering.

CALLING A deity will call out, some pattern in my meditation practice, something in life I keep noticing. A clue, a marker, a piece of the puzzle.

INVESTIGATION Who is calling? What is their nature? what is their beauty? what is the hue of their love?

Then at a certain moment the laundry gets left. The hour (usually) is late, not that it makes much difference in my life right now. It is a fragmented and piecemeal affair, grabbing myself to reconnect when I can. My heart and mind open and I pour in what I know and what I can find from an intellectual perspective. Honestly, a whole raft of this comes from Sianna Sherman, who has created an ocean of information via her online courses which will keep me amused for several lifetimes.

This pulls through me and my sadhana takes shape as a skeleton of information, waiting for the fascia and the flesh to form through the consistent practice of 40 days.

Shiva/Shakti, they're looking like this:

Intention: alight and alchemise

Mantra: om kama pujitayei namaha

Physical: 20 minutes of asana, I know this has shot up, it's exciting

Pranayama: sama vritti, equal breathing

Meditation: 20 minutes with mantra and bharavi/bharava mudra

I've also piled in restudying the Shiva Sutras, because this is where I really open myself up to the source, and bring it through to what that means to me at this point in my life. Like visiting an old friend, the same but different.

What I'm really excited about with this one is I'm ready to cycle it back to my teaching. I'll be using this space to percolate and capture my experience so that as I start the next 40 days I'm teaching my experience of this.

Watch this space, I'm on day 2, an element of this sadhana is also to write.

My board for this sadhana is avaiable at pinterest

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