The journey

Understanding and appreciating the journey a little more

ThejourneyI began this 40 day sadhana journey with a symbol. That of Krishna's flute, representing our body, the air moving through our breath and the tune which is made a soundtrack to our life.

It seems fitting then that I also end with a symbol: the chariot. I have uncovered many things over this deep dive but rising up time and again is the idea of the journey. The chariot, therefore, seems a fitting symbol. Returning again to the Bhagavad Gita, the chariot is Arjuna's vehicle, pulled by a team of horses, steered through a pair of reins by Krishna.

Horses can be wild, chariots are inert on their own. They need each other. Coupled with reins to guide and Krishna to think they become one. Freeing Arjuna to do what he needs to do, literally as the greatest bowman of his age, fire his arrows. Follow his dharma. Be unencumbered by navigation or destination.

This blog was coming anyway but propelled by Christina Sell's who spoke about acknowledging and enjoying our success without being burdened by it. I feel like so often, the proverbial chariot gets put before the horse in yoga. Then we become one-dimensional, hemmed in, unmotivated.

Achievement in anything is great, and should be celebrated. It needs too to be noted that it is a sign post, a guide, a nod to say we're on the right track. Put there so that we can continue following our calling and firing those arrows.

It's great and absolutely necessary to see how far we've come. Who doesn't enjoy standing on top of a hill and seeing their starting point as a speck in the distance? It is part of our journey, part of our psyche. I could feel sad that I'm in the dying embers of these 40 days, so much has happened. The days have grown longer, my daughter turned five and I have learnt so very much. All achievements, all stepping stones. We continue onwards, rise up, all is coming.

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