Releasing into the paradox

Finding constancy in confusion

moonlightbAs I approach the final quarter of my 40 day journey with Saraswati I am feeling called to the moonlight and the paradox which it presents to us. Saraswati dances in the light of the moon, ever changing, ever moving, sending its light down to the earth and casting it as new.
From our perspective, the moon is in constant flux. Our view is different, what we can see is obscured to different degrees throughout the cycle of the month. This isn't simply a visual thing, we are pulled physically by the moon, impacted emotionally and moved spiritually. In reality, however, the moon itself never changes. It is still the same moon, reflecting the same light.
It is, therefore, at once ever changing and ever constant.

At the moment of writing this, we're in waxing gibbous, which also happens to be the phase of the moon I was born in. It's the period right before full moon, when the first shoots of potential start to show themselves. I often feel like that, on the cusp of something. Often never quite realising the potential.

And so, in a world where we're feeling like we're being pulled on all levels and in all directions, there is a need and an instinctive desire (at least for me) to turn back inwards, towards the Self. The part which is constant, unchanging. To see the moon as it really is, a source of light in the dark.

The final quarter of these 40 day sadhanas is about letting go. Something which I have both struggled with and gained huge boons from. It truly is the gift of yoga in many ways for me. As I practice over the next 10 days, I'll be stay in close physical contact with the earth. Know that in the darkness there is illumination. In the confusion there is clarity.

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