Taking time out to meditate

I gladly got back on the meditation cushion this week. It’s a bit like when you don’t do something for a while and you realise the cobwebs have started to gather a little. Yes, my mind is a little full of cobwebs. It needed a clean!

So it’s the same thing. Whether you meditated yesterday, have never meditated or have been a little neglecting of the practice recently the method is the same. Come back to your mat, plonk down your bum, set a timer for 1-100+ minutes, close your eyes and tune into the breath.

There are a million different practices out there which are profound and life changing. It might take a little time to play with which some to find one really helps you to do that cobweb clearing the best. There’s no need to be attached to a particular method, when it’s not working for you, try something else. The point is, just like with an asana practice to keep coming back, come back to the cushion, and come back to your breath whenever you can.

There is no goal, nowhere to get to; it’s your time for yourself to let everything settle and for the important stuff to bubble up. It may be a while but I’ve found that creating a little space for my sitting practice opens up all facets of my life and boosts my creativity.

Posted in 2011

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