Dancing Diwali

Celebrating the festival of light

fireYesterday’s workshop with Chris Chavez was super awesome and fun. There’s a whole load there on what he taught and why it was great but that’s for you to go and check out with him :). What I got from it is what I wanted to explore. There’s a lot around about having ideas, doing things and going somewhere. This happens so much that sometimes it’s easy to forget why we’re doing it in the first place.

That’s why it was so awesome to be guided by someone else, to put yourself in their hands, even just for a little bit, don’t worry, it’s not for ever, just so that you can refind yourself and your real mission. So it wasn’t just that I got to rock out and do yoga, it was that I got to rock out and do yoga with my friends, with candles and incense, in a sacred space and that makes it a little bit more special. I’m so grateful to be able to get on my mat every day (note: day 299 of #yoga365), it’s just that when you get to do it in a room with other amazing souls you get lifted up by their light and it becomes an effortless dance, like a flickering Diwali candle in the breeze.

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