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Thank YouI’m feeling an enormous amount of gratitude at the moment. I find myself pinching myself regularly just to check in with my life and where it could be had I not stepped on to this incredible path. I’ve had to be brave, face my demons and stuck doggedly to it. I’m not saying that all is rosy in the garden and life doesn’t throw the odd curveball and I’m definitely a work in progress... however, what I’ve noticed is that giving thanks is like putting all your chips on red and getting them back with interest: Every. Single. Time.

Once you start looking, you see the world unfolding infront of you as building blocks of interconnected offerings from people you’ve never met and probably never will. The guy who designed the road, with the road markings, signs and crossings to the road sweeper who keeps it clean so you can get to where you need to be. Sure, the intention might not have been one of divine offering, though it was definitely an act done to support a life. You can give thanks for that.

These are the easy ones, what about that thing you’ve been putting off, that email which got your hackles up, the bit of you which has a tantrum because you can’t do a yoga pose? Can you be grateful for all that stuff too? Seriously, if you can, it changes you. You’re no longer a slave to every situation, you respond, not react.

I learnt a meditation at the weekend from Lisa Sanfilippo, which goes: scan your body and feel where there’s a block, can you name the emotion – fear, angry, sadness. Breath in: I feel , Breath out: And I welcome it.

Posted in 2011

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