Yoga from the inside out

Activating your pose from the inside and moving it out

We talk a lot about yoga from the inside out. It’s pretty pervasive, Google yoga from the inside out and you’ll see what I mean.

Posted in 2011


Resting in what is

Aligning to the highest

I’ve been so lucky this week to teach a wide variety of people, new and old students, to reconnect with lots of friends and really just have a blast in life.

Posted in 2011


Unchanging change

Drawing in to deep hip openers

There’s lots of contemplation happening with me at the moment and I find myself drawn into some really deep hip opening poses, repeating them over and over to see what new things will be reveled.

Posted in 2011


Listen, tweak, refine

The interplay of the underlining principals

I’ve been all caught up with the 3As of Anusara yoga for the last week. It always makes me so happy how simple it is and yet how deep you can go with them.

Posted in 2011


A comedy of As

Pushing against boundaries to leap into the impossible

I caught a documentary about Eddie Izzard, one of my favourite comedians the other day. Not only is he very funny but also seriously inspirational for me.

Posted in 2011


Making Magic

Turning our rubbish into gold

Relationships are hard. All relationships. What I find particularly difficult is when someone is suffering and you want to help them but know there’s nothing you can do. It’s their stuff and they need to work through it.

Posted in 2011


There is a light and it never goes out

Stand strong in your own light

Yoga offers us the opportunity to stand strong in our own light every day, no matter what. When we come to the mat to celebrate or to seek refuge, we are building our bodies into strong vessels.

Posted in 2011

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