Thank you mother India!

Paying our respect to Mother India

This week I’m so honoured to be hosting a charity class in aid of Yoga Gives Back with my great friend and colleague, Lexy Kho. OK, admittedly this is a little bit of a plug for the class.

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The big and the ugly

Plugging into my Dharma

I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt recently, or in all honesty, had thrust upon me is that I’m a big girl and I’m strong enough to do this myself.

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Martin Kirk is coming to London!

Yoga thereapeutics training in London

Martin Kirk , MSBME, is a certified Anusara teacher since 2001 and has a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. Martin's understanding of the body is extensive. Now legendary, his anatomy and therapy trainings are in great demand worldwide.

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Silence please!

Tuning into the silence

I’ve been experimenting over the last couple of days with silence. It’s pretty hard for me as I’m pretty verbose at the best of times.

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Layers are in!

Turning the tuning dials of refinement

This isn’t something I ever want to lose, I don’t think that would even be possible at this stage, it’s just too fascinating to delve deep, draw in more, expand that one last step.

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Bringing the inside out

Using yoga to transform us

Most days I feel like I’m a pretty lucky girl. However, today, I feel even more fortunate. I’ve been studying with my teacher in Copenhagen for a week.

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Unpacking the Sutras

Finding ancient wisdom in the oldest yogic texts

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me what with one thing or another, I’ve definitely been having a whale of a time! I’ve decided to take this approaching autumn time to begin to turn in and reconnect with the roots of yoga.

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