Tiger Tiger

A little closer to being a tiger

Still going strong, more tigers a-coming... this one's about 3 and a half hours... oh my goodness, that's halfway!!!

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Tentative tiger practice...

Continuing the build up to a tiger's practice

Buckle up, it's the next instalment of the Tiger's practice build up... this is a couple of hours worth :)

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Note to self...

Take time to sit and mediate

As the nights draw in, some days it’s hard to get on the mat. What I find even harder though (and always have) is the ability to sit down to meditate.

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Early Christmas presents!!!

Some early Christmas treats

Just a little summary of everything I know of going on in the community over the next couple of weeks, because it’s BUSY, with a capital B!!! Please chime in with anything else you know about!

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Breathe in... breathe out...

Going back to the breath

What have I learnt on my mat this week? I’ve learnt, yet again, to pause, soften and be lead by my breath. Something I’m trying hard to cultivate in as I frantically search for a document I spent an hour working which has disappeared...

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Core power!

Holding steady to our centre

My focus this week has been all about holding to our core, no matter what. Often in life we feel like there is so much darkness that we can’t even begin to think there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

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