Making music

Contemplating elegance

Continuing my three class series, the next in the run is elegance. I just love this word. How I got to it is that I’m a planner and an organiser, there is no getting away from this personality trait.

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Counting my blessings...

Preparing for my 2012 theme

As a preparation for my 2012 theme, I sat down with one of my good friends and figured out what we feel is really important to us.

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A mo for slo

Take a break

There are a ton of colds going around at the moment, it’s that time of year. I tend to feel like the cold I have right now is slowing me down and stopping me getting to all the stuff I need to do. That is until I change my perspective around it a little.

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Couldn't resist... Harry Potter yoga

When I saw this article: Harry Potter and yoga are evil', says Catholic Church exorcist I admit I smirked. I smirked because the sprite in me met with the yoga teacher in me and I asked myself the question: what about Harry Potter yoga, is that double evil or do two negatives make a positive?...

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Tiger's growing up...

Working towards the tiger's practice

Next installment of Tiger practice build up, four hours worth, officically in the Zone!!!

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Whatever next?!!!

A little update on my 365 yoga challenge

A little update on my 365 day yoga challenge: in summary, the very cool think about yoga is it doesn’t burn you out.

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Almost crazy enough to be true...

Developing a bit of intuition

for the last couple of months I’ve been cultivating the idea of intuition, or, well, let me just put it out there - psychic ability... OK, so all those still with me, yes, that might sound a little off the wall.

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